Louisville Slugger YBAR152: A Bat Of Great Design & Dependability


From the house of the renowned manufacturer of baseball bats, Louisville Slugger, the new Louisville Slugger YBAR152 bat has hit the scene. This company has been making bats for the last century. Their bats are a hallmark of assured quality and reliability. Their new series of bats boasts some exceptional features and the Louisville Slugger YBAR152 can be a pitcher’s nightmare at the plate. This bat is a lethal combination of power and precision and is easy to control and swing hard. It has a rigid make and is one of the standouts of Louisville Sluggers latest line of bats released. All these, along with a calculated build and architecture make the YBAR152 a reliable partner for any batter to have. This bat is particularly durable and thus is a good bat for beginners and trainees in the cage.

Louisville Slugger YBAR152

The Louisville Slugger YBAR152 comes in 5 different sizes. It is certified for use in the Little League, as well as other leagues such as the USSSA, the AABC, Babe Ruth, Dixie and more.

The Louisville Slugger has a calculated and measured build. It comes with a 2 ¼” barrel diameter, giving it a large contact area. It is hard to miss when you are swinging this bat, that is for sure. The bat also comes with a -12 drop, which makes it easy to control and set your eye in when you are at the plate.

The Louisville Slugger YBAR152 is made of a one-piece aircraft grade Aluminum 7050 alloy. This makes the bat lightweight, but very strong. It gives you the ability to swing the bat easily and still get plenty of power into your hit. The one-piece structure also means that there are no detachable parts on the bat, and the alloy material gives the bat incomparable durability. The bat is excellent for practice in cages and can help youngsters gain rapid experience.

The YBAR152 bat comes with a unique Vibration Dampening End-Cap, installed at the tip of its barrel. This is a unique addition from the Louisville Slugger onto the YBAR152 and is what transforms the bat into the force it is. The end-cap cuts out vibrations from impact near perfectly, and channels this extra vibrational energy into the barrel as you hit the ball. This minimizes energy loss and drives the ball farther. Another bat featuring similar technology is the DeMarini CF7 2015, which comes with a Low-Pro End Cap to reduce vibrations and balance the bat.

The YBAR152 has a handle length ranging from 29” to 32” and is 1.15 BPF certified. The bat has a narrow handle diameter which makes it easier to handle and swing and enhances the player’s confidence when they have this bat in hand. This feature also gives hitters more accuracy along with the ability to make quick adjustments to their swings if necessary.

Another excellent feature on the YBAR152 is the 7/8” tapered handle. The handle has a firm leather grip attached to it giving a comfortable feel. The grip has an ergonomic design with alternating soft pads, which eases the pressure on the palm during long periods.

Feature Benefits of Louisville Slugger YBAR152

  • Measured build and -12 drop makes bat easy to control

  • Made of 100% lightweight aluminum alloy and is durable
  • Vibration dampening end-cap reduces shocks from impact
  • Late adjustments can be made when batting, if needed, increasing accuracy
  • 7/8” handle has ergonomic design and feels comfortable in the hands

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Low-price
  • Lightweight and easy to swing
  • Swings are accurate
  • Good for practice in batting cages and for trainees
  • One-piece design makes bat durable
  • Shocks are reduced by end-cap which also increases swing power

Insider Tips

If used for batting practice in cages, the bat does not require any additional breaking in time. Make sure to rotate the bat 1 quarter way after every hit to avoid denting the aluminum body.


1. Does the bat have a warranty?

A. Yes, the bat has a one year warranty.

2. Is the bat approved in the Little Leagues?

A. Yes. The bat is approved for the Little League, USSSA, AABC, Dixie, Babe Ruth and others.

3. Is the bat made of composite or alloy?

A. The bat is one-piece made fully of Aluminum alloy.

Final Verdict

The Louisville Slugger YBAR152 is a good bat for trainees and youngsters getting a taste of the game. The bat has good features all round and is a terrific performer, making up for in reliability and durability, what it may lack in power.

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