Louisville Slugger Xeno PLUS: At The Pinnacle Of Excellence


Louisville Slugger is a hallmark name when it comes to manufacturing great baseball bats. The company has produced some of the best bats the sport has seen, and their all new 2016 Louisville Slugger Xeno PLUS is no different. This bat is a major upgrade on the company's 2015 Xeno model and boasts some of the most impressive features seen on a bat. The bat is already one of the best-selling bats this year. And Louisville Slugger has claimed that the 2016 Fastpitch Xeno PLUS is the top fastpitch bat currently in the market. It is hard to contend that statement too, seeing that the bat has received nothing but praise. With unrivalled power and everlasting durability, the bat will certainly dominate the fastpitch scene for some time.

Louisville Slugger Xeno PLUS

The Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Xeno PLUS is certified for all major fastpitch leagues in the country. The bat has the approval to play in the USSSA, NSA, ASA, ISA and ISF leagues.

The 2016 Louisville Slugger Xeno PLUS is made of all new Performance Plus composite. This makes the barrel ultra-strong and durable. This new composite is lighter than all previous makes and may even be the strongest, barring carbon fiber material. The new composite is also zero-friction and thus reduces any energy loss in the barrel. It is highly elastic and allows the barrel to flex so that players can unleash explosive forces.

The Fastpitch Xeno PLUS has a 2-piece build with the innovative iST technology connecting the barrel to the handle. This iST gives the handle great stiffness and ensures minimum resistance when the bat is swung. Players can get a solid, dependable feel when swinging this bat. The bat is a perfect balance of stiff and elastic and this enables it to generate great forward momentum with each swing.

This bat is full of the latest batting technologies and along with the iST, has the patented TRU3 connection between barrel and handle. The TRU3 optimizes energy use by transferring energy from the handle into the barrel. It also blocks the shocks from contact and channels these vibrations to the bat's sweet spot. This gives the bat a superior performance. The TRU3 also increases durability by sealing the barrel-handle connection.

The revolutionary technology which sets the Louisville Slugger Xeno PLUS apart is the exclusive and ground-breaking S1iD barrel technology. The S1iD is a disc inserted into the bat's barrel to increase control as well as enlarge the bat's sweet spot. It helps to balance the bat for superior accuracy and precision. It also enhances the impact feedback sent to the player.

The 2016 Fastpitch Xeno PLUS has been engineered to precision meticulously to make it the best bat there is. It has a double wall design to increase the barrel flex. The bat compresses on impact and then instantaneously recoils releasing incredible potential energy. Balls shoot off the bat like bullets. A tacky, synthetic grip has also been added to the tapered handle for comfort. The Miken Psycho Maxload is another bat off which balls cannon off with ease, and has been touted as the best soft pitch bat of the year.

Feature Benefits of Louisville Slugger Xeno PLUS

  • All new Performance PLUS composite is stronger, lighter and more durable
  • iST technology gives minimum resistance and perfect stiffness to bat
  • Patented TRU3 connection maximizes energy efficiency, reducing impact vibrations
  • S1iD disc increases control, balance, and accuracy for precision power-hitting
  • Double-walled structure increases barrel flex and maximizes forward momentum

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Bat is very strong, yet light
  • Bat is durable and stiff, with large sweet spot
  • Swings are balanced, and S1iD disc makes it accurate and precise
  • High barrel elasticity for maximum force and momentum
  • Low impact vibrations
  • Stiff, strong connection between barrel and handle
  • Powerful material coupled with great barrel flex

Insider Tips

The TRU3 connection between the barrel and handle can be adjusted to change the barrel flex and stiffness if required. The S1iD disc can also be manipulated to alter the sweet spot of the bat and can increase the accuracy of swings, with practice.


1. Does the bat have a warranty?

A. Yes. The bat comes with a one-year warranty

2. Is the bat one-piece or two-piece?

A. The bat is a two-piece design, with a TRU3 connection joining barrel and handle

3. Does the bat have USSSA certification?

A. Yes. The bat is stamped with USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA and ISF certifications

4. What is S1iD? Is it an end-cap?

A. No. The S1iD is a disc inserted into the barrel to reduce vibrations and increase accuracy

Final Verdict

The technology the Louisville Slugger Xeno PLUS boasts is truly a league above other bats in the game, at the moment. This bat is head and shoulders above plenty of others, and deservedly so. It has been hard to flaw the bat in anything, from its state-of-the-art build to meticulous design, and it rightly is at the peak of Fastpitch bats.

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