How to Remove Pine Tar from Bat: Things You Need To Know

how to remove pine tar from bat

Pine tar is one of the most common substances a baseball bat accumulates as it is used so it is important to know how to remove pine tar from bat. As a baseball bat is used for gameplay, a lot of substances may adhere to the bat such as dirt, pine tar, asphalt and even some stubborn, nasty ball marks. Out of all these, pine tar, however, is applied as a useful griping agent to improve a batter's grip on the bat. Pine tar can be applied up to a certain length from the handle of the baseball bat, in accordance with the Major League Regulations. In the latest Major League Baseball Rules, a player can apply pine tar up to 18 inches from the tip of the handle of the bat. This is to get a better grip on the bat handle.

In baseball, pine tar is applied to the bat's handle, on the grip. Because of its sticky texture, the pine tar improves the batter's hold on the bat and prevents it from slipping out from the player's hand as they swing the bat. Pine tar also helps the batter because once pine tar has been applied to the bat's handle the hitter does not need to grip the bat as hard as they normally would. This frees up their swing so that they can get more pop on their hits. By requiring less force to grip the bat, the hitter can get more of this force to go into their swings. This can ultimately transfer to longer distances in your hits as the chances of getting a pop at the sweet spot rising dramatically.

Pine tar can have negative effects on a hitter’s performance if used excessively. Furthermore, if pine tar is left for too long on the bat or handle, it compromises the bat's strength. The handle of the bat becomes feeble and sticky, and the grip of the bat is badly affected. Players may be unable to get a good hold of the bat, as the texture of the bat will have been degraded. The performance of the bat will be affected, and the life span of the bat will be decreased. Therefore it is important to ensure that the pine tar is applied in the right amounts. Also, if there is excess pine tar, it must be removed from the bat. Thus, we discuss the correct methods to remove pine tar from a baseball bat.

The first step in removing pine tar from a baseball bat is to loosen up the sticky substance from the bat. The bat and pine tar should be heated gently by soaking a rag with hot water and rubbing the bat with the rag. Care should be taken to rub the bat in only one direction, from the tip towards the bottom. The next step is to rub a rag with rubbing alcohol and use it to rub the handle of the bat. Again, do not rub back and forth but go in only one direction. Rubbing alcohol should remove all the pine tar slowly but surely, without adding any weight as it evaporates away. Once all the pine tar has been removed the bat must be dried thoroughly to clear any wetness as moisture will damage a wooden bat. A dry rag can be used for this.

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Rubbing alcohol is the best way to remove pine tar from a baseball bat. If George Rhett had some rubbing alcohol on hand, the controversial scenes of the pine tar game could have been easily avoided. If you are in the same predicament as George Rhett with no rubbing alcohol close by, specialized bat cleaners such as Goo-gone or WD-40 work well. If none of these are available too, a simple combination of soap and warm water should do okay to remove the pine tar, till the bat is in playable condition. After treatment with soap and water, it's important to restore the compact hardness of the bat. Apply pressure to the bat with another bat by stoking it towards the barrel. With these tips on how to remove pine tar from baseball bats, we hope you can step onto the plate without the worry of a feeble, sticky bat.

If you want to see some visuals of removing tar from bat, then enjoy the following video.

How To Remove Pine Tar From Bat – Final Words

Pine tar is one of the common substances that may get adhered onto a bat’s surface when being used. Sometimes, pine tar is intentionally applied onto a bat’s handle by the hitter. This helps to improve the hitter’s grip on the bat for an improved and easier hold. On the other hand, excess pine tar, or pine tar that has accumulated for a long time can have serious adverse effects on a bat. Thus it is crucial to clean away the pine tar as often as possible. The best way to remove pine tar is by using rubbing alcohol. Wet a cloth with rubbing alcohol and then stroke the bat with the cloth in only a single direction. Doing this for a while will get rid of the pine tar.

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