Becoming a Champion: How to Hit a Homerun


Is the big game coming up? Are you gearing yourself up for it or psyching yourself out? One of the best things you can do for yourself in these situations is just to take a step back and breathe. Hitting a homerun is nothing more than hitting it so far you make it around all the bases in one go. Seems simple enough, but then why is it so challenging?

How did the greats get to be so great then? There’s more to it than raw talent and years and years of practice. Yes, there are some technical things you can do to improve your chances and learn how to hit a homerun. Just keep in mind that these are tips, tricks, and the technical know-how on what you should do. Just follow these steps and you’ll be on your way!

How to Hit a Homerun in Baseball

Keep your cool and swing away. Okay, yes, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Just keep these tips in mind when you step up to bat and there’s nothing to sweat!

If you’re looking for a more visual representation on how to hit a homerun, watch this video.

Mind Your Grip

Don’t underestimate your grip. Hold the bat at the base with your dominate hand on top. And the closer to the bottom of the bat the better. The closer your hands are to the bottom the more power is going to be behind your swing. But, beware of that, because holding more towards the base the less control and speed you’ll have.

Embrace the choke point, which is two inches from the bottom. You’ll have increased speed, increased control, and more power.

Mind Your Stance

Keep your feet wider than your shoulders, and point your toes towards the base. Don’t splay them, or you’ll lose a lot of the power behind the push.

Relax your elbows and your knees, hold the bat up high and strong and keep your face and shoulders pointed straight at the pitcher.

Follow Through

Swing like you mean it. Keep your eye on the ball, and rotate your whole body to move so when the bat makes contact with the ball it’s got the force of all your might behind it. Hit that sweet spot and swing away to your very own homerun!

How to Hit a Homerun in Softball

Softball isn’t without its own set of trials and tricks to getting a homerun. The difference between softball and baseball is minimal, but definitely affects the techniques that will get you that homerun you’re aiming for.

Softballs are thrown underhand and either fast, or slow. How to hit a homerun when swinging at a fast ball is just a matter of adjusting the angle of your swing to the new arc of the ball.

Slow balls are more common in softball and it turns the whole “how to hit a homerun” question right on its head. So while the process is largely the same, there are a few tricks to nailing it good.

First, pick your pitch carefully. If you think it’s not going to hit right you shouldn’t waste your swing. While you don’t want to strike yourself out like that, wasting a swing on a miss is just as bad a way to get out.

Second, make sure you’re using a softball bat rather than a baseball bat. Softballs are bigger than baseballs, so their bats are designed in slightly different configurations. The choke point is different, and that infamous “sweet spot” on a softball bat is actually bigger than on a baseball bat.

And lastly, when you’re hitting at a slow ball, step into the swing. When you’re matching the balls momentum with some of your own, you’re going to hit it with a lot more force than just the strength of your swing.

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How to Hit a Homerun in Little League

Little league is the best jumping off point for any aspiring athlete. And it is every little leaguer’s dream to hit that homerun and win the game for their team. And hitting a homerun in little league only requires a few minor adjustments compared to hitting a homerun in the big leagues.

The field on little league is usually smaller. The standard size being approximately 70 feet between the bases, but in little league it’s typically 50. But this distance doesn’t really make it any easier for the younger kids to hit a homerun than a grown-up.

Get a bat that’s picked out specifically for you. Every bat has a different weight and size. And when you’re in little league, those size differences can be huge even from inch to inch. If you’re looking for a good place to get a bat just for you (and/or your little leaguer) click here for the best help out there.

But the main thing to remember about becoming that baseball star you’re dreaming of becoming is just this: practice, practice, practice.

Learning how to hit a homerun and mastering the art of it is not a complicated process. Just mind your stance, keep track of your angles, and power through. In the end, the most important thing is practicing. The more you work at it, the more homeruns you’re going to hit. Swing away!

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