How to hold a bowling ball – To play like a Pro

how to hold a bowling ball

So, you see other players putting spin on the ball and ‘hooking’ the ball. To hook the ball means that it curves in just before it hits the pins and topples more pins. You can do it too. Read on for some great ideas on how to hold a bowling ball to get that spin […]

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Becoming a Champion: How to Hit a Homerun

Is the big game coming up? Are you gearing yourself up for it or psyching yourself out? One of the best things you can do for yourself in these situations is just to take a step back and breathe. Hitting a homerun is nothing more than hitting it so far you make it around all […]

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How to throw a bowling ball – Three simple techniques to become a Pro

How to throw a bowling ball

Are you frustrated that others can bowl better than you? Does your ball veer off into the gutter? Want to improve your game? Don’t worry, help is here. You can quickly improve your bowling by trying some simple suggestions. But before you try and improve your technique think about getting the right equipment. A good bowling ball is […]

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How to Clean Batting Gloves: Steps You Need To Know

how to clean batting gloves

Maintaining and preserving your equipment is a pivotal aspect of any good baseball player and therefore, it is important to know how to clean batting gloves. A youngster cannot hope to become a good player if they cannot take care of their equipment properly. It is crucial to know about the proper ways to care […]

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How to Remove Pine Tar from Bat: Things You Need To Know

how to remove pine tar from bat

Pine tar is one of the most common substances a baseball bat accumulates as it is used so it is important to know how to remove pine tar from bat. As a baseball bat is used for gameplay, a lot of substances may adhere to the bat such as dirt, pine tar, asphalt and even […]

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How to Hit 52 Core 300 Compression Softballs Out of the Park

52 core 300 compression softballs

In recent years, one of the most common and frequently asked questions in the world of baseball has been how to hit 52 core 300 compression softballs. Baseball is the national sport of America, and there are not many souls out there in our world who do not know the game. One of its many […]

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How to Clean A Baseball Bat – Discover Your Bat As Newer Every Time

how to clean a baseball bat

One of the most important and critical aspects of a good baseball player is to know how to clean a baseball bat. The baseball bat is what gives the player his identity. It is his weapon on the field and his partner in crime. Thus, each and every player should be able to take good […]

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How to Tape a Fungo Bat: Tips For The Beginners

how to tape a fungo bat

Every good batter learns their trade using a fungo bat so learning how to tape a fungo bat for its preservation is crucial. Taking care of your bats and ensuring their durability is a vital part of any baseball player’s repertoire. A good bat that has been well taken care of can guarantee winning performances […]

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15 Ways to Prevent Baseball Injuries

Baseball is, undoubtedly, the most played sport in the United States and many young players are getting involved with baseball every single day. While this is a positive for the game, injuries related to baseball are also on the rise, especially in the young athletes, and the situation is quickly becoming an epidemic. Although baseball […]

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