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I know people who visit the local bars just to experience a few sets of dart game on the best dart board.

Surprised to know this? Well, it is the harsh truth simply because there are really good dart boards at such places which passionate players enjoy. If you are one of them, it is time that you buy your own dart board and that too the best one so that you can enjoy the high quality game right from the comfort of your own place. Unless you have the perfect one, you will keep missing the board at the local pub. But how do you choose the right one among so many brands available in the market?

Keeping the requirements of beginners as well as pro dart gamers, I have created the list of top 10 dart boards which will help you to make the final choice very comfortably.

Top 10 Dart Boards

  1. Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard
  2. Ignat Games Professional Dartboard Kit - Bristle/Sisal Tournament Dart Board
  3. WIN.MAX Blade 18” Bristle Dartboard
  4. Doinkit Darts – Magnetic Dart Board
  5. Viper by GLD Products 42-6006 Razorback Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard
  6. Innocheer Safety Darts and Kids Dart Board Set
  7. Viper by GLD Products Viper Shot King Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard
  8. Viper League Pro Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dart Board
  9. Viper Hudson Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard & Cabinet Bundle
  10. Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard

Head to Head Comparison Among Top 3 Dart Boards

Here are the top 3 dart boards you may need to consider for your next games:

Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard
Wire Type: Blade wire
Sisal Grade: Kenyan sisal
Staple free bullseye: Yes
Dimension: 17.5 inch
Weight: 10.7 lbs
Rotatable number ring: No
Ignat Games Professional Dartboard
Wire Type: Blade wire
Sisal Grade: Kenyan sisal
Staple free bullseye: Yes
Dimension: 18 inch
Weight: 11.35 lbs
Rotatable number ring: Yes
WIN.MAX Blade 18” Bristle Dartboard
Wire Type: Blade wire
Sisal Grade: Kenyan sisal
Staple free bullseye: Yes
Dimension: 18 inch
Weight: 9.7 lbs
Rotatable number ring: Yes
Best Dart Board

10 Best Dart Boards


Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard


The Winmau dartboard is going to give you the pleasure of experiencing the next generation of game-changing performance. This one is one of the top rated dart boards that have undoubtedly pushed the boundaries of dartboard technology into another level. The wiring system of the professional-level bristle board provides with 9mm square extra scoring area in the doubles along with 6 mm square extra scoring area in the trebles. The 14% reduction in the web surface area (as compared to the previous Blade 4 version) provides the potential for higher scoring. Not only that, the Dynamic Sector Wires are 20% thinner as well as the Radial Wires are 10% thinner.

These are the features which will enable you to have higher scoring potential in the history of dartboards. The optimization of razor wire angle (through reduction of the blades by 30 degrees) will allow the increase of dart deflection in the scoring bed. Along with the thinnest wiring feature, the Ultimate Tensile Strength of the dynamic sector wire has been increased by 20% so that the dart points can glide past the wire and sink into the scoring bed. In addition to these, the new Bullseye along with the 25 ring feature carbon diffusion technology for the super hard surface along with improved performance and unmatchable durability of the board. The Rota-lock, triple wheel lock-and-level system helps creating the perfect radial alignment and levelling which results in easy rotation and finally to increased life of the board.


  • Professional bristle dartboard with British Dart Organization endorsement
  • 14% thinner wiring system
  • Radial wires are 10% thinner
  • Reduced Bounce-outs and improved dart deflection with 30 degrees reduction in razor wire angle
  • Triple wheel lock-and-level system
  • Super durable with carbon diffusion technology


  • Not particularly suitable for children or novice players

Ignat Games Professional Dartboard Kit - Bristle/Sisal Tournament Dart Board


This sisal dartboard is nothing but the premium quality product that will not only improve your game, but will give you great enjoyment while playing. The design of the board is exclusive and is super easy to mount (package contains all mounting equipment like the bracket, bumpers and bolts). The reduced bounce feature along with the staple free board helps increase the scoring area up to 16%. The durability of the dartboard is beyond question as the material used to make the dartboard is high grade Kenyan sisal bristle fibers.

The self healing ability is of superior quality, making the dartboard unmatchable to other competitors. Movable number rings have always been the key factor in increasing the life of any dartboard, and in this Ignat board, the moving of number rings is super easy. The segmentation system is ultra thin (it is actually 65% thinner as compared to the conventional round wire system) and this feature enables you to score more. While talking about good quality dart boards, it must be mentioned that this particular Ignat board comes with 6 steel tip darts with aluminum shafts and 2 style flights. A measuring tape accompanies the package which will help you to set up the game properly.


  • Staple-free dartboard wiring system increases the scoring area up to 16%
  • High grade Kenyan sisal bristle fibers ensure durability
  • Perfect self healing system and easily movable number rings
  • Comes with steel tip darts, measuring tape and darts guide


  • Board is pretty heavy
  • Steel tip darts need special attention when you are playing with kids around

WIN.MAX Blade 18” Bristle Dartboard

ATTACHMENT DETAILS  WIN.MAX-Blade-18-inch-Bristle-Dartboard.jpg July 14, 2018 52 KB 450 × 450 Edit Image Delete Permanently URL http://www.geekyreviewers.comwp-content/uploads/2018/07/WIN.MAX-Blade-18-inch-Bristle-Dartboard

This is among the best dart boards made for the professional dart players. The 18 inch bristle dartboard is used by professionals and international tournaments. The specialty of WIN.MAX boards is that it is not just made for professionals, but also for those who throw the darts just to enjoy the fun and excitement of the game. The 18 inch dart board suits the requirements of professionals as well as those who want to play for fun. The high technology staple-free dart board is made with blade wiring system and are equipped with unique blade system. The blades are thinner as compared to the wires and they are obviously staple-free. This feature provides a scoring surface that is not just extra strong but helps in dramatic reduction in bounce-outs. This in turn allows you to score higher and have more fun.

The board is made with true high-end material and that is the Kenyan sisal fiber. The small fibers are very strong and least brittle. This ensures that when the dart tip penetrates the board, the fibers allow the tips to slide between and thus prevents puncturing the fibers. The self-healing feature is based on this particular technology as when the dart is pulled out of the board, the fibers automatically comes back to their original position and board is completely healed. This is also the basic secret behind the extreme durability of the board. The rotatable number ring adds to the durability factor and this function is easy to perform with this board. The availability of free flights, sharpener, finger grip wax and darts adds to the attractions of the WIN.MAX 18 inch boards.


  • Top class Kenyan sisal board
  • High-tech staple-free blade wire system
  • Easily rotatable number ring
  • Size suitable for professionals and international tournaments


  • Too high end for novice dart players

Doinkit Darts – Magnetic Dart Board


When you are looking for the fun of dart game but in a safe version, this magnetic dart board can be a good choice. Doinkit brings the best quality magnetic dart board that is almost identical to the classic dartboards as far as the looks are concerned. The basic characteristics of this dartboard are just the same as the classic boards. You will find the intricately crafted cracks (just same as the cracks on the professional sisal boards) and this will give you (as well as the kids) the feeling of being in the real game.

The magnet system ensures the safety of the players as well as the kids who are around. You can safely let the kids enjoy the game of darts without worrying much about their safety as no one can get hurt by the magnetic darts. So, this one is the best home dart board when you want to enjoy dart game with your entire family. The size is pretty comfortable one and is very close to the professional boards (this one is 16 inches). The neodymium magnets are strong and help in optimum performance. The board is light and durable and designed in such a way that you will find it super easy to hang it on the wall of any room.


  • Extremely safe for kids
  • Strong and balanced neodymium magnets ensure flawless performance
  • Looks just similar to the classic dartboards


  • Magnets are not as strong as expected
  • The hanging system is pretty poor and the board often falls off the wall when darts are removed

Viper by GLD Products 42-6006 Razorback Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard 


Self-healing is the USP of this Viper Razorback dartboard and this proposition makes it one of the best professional dart boards. The material used to make the dartboard is high quality sisal bristle fiber and therefore the durability factor is unquestionable. When you are serious about the dart game, scoring high is obviously your priority and this implies, you will hate the bounce-outs. The Staple-free spider of this board makes use of the razor thin galvanized wires which not only helps in increasing the surface area but at the same time prevents the bounce-outs.

This one is just the size of the official tournament boards and therefore you can have it as your practice board if you are a professional player. The 18 inch diameter of the board along with the 1.5 inches depth makes this dartboard a truly professional piece. Along with the self-healing factor, the other aspect to look for when the durability of the board is concerned is the rotatable nature of the number ring and this board fulfills this factor perfectly. This Viper board is not just suitable for the steel tip darts but for the soft tip darts as well. So, if you are looking for a good professional level dartboard, this one can be one of the best choices.


  • 18 inches is the perfect professional sized board
  • Thin wire and no staples increase the scoring area
  • Made with top class sisal fiber


  • Self-healing feature is not very good
  • Darts do not penetrate the board as expected
  • The color alignment appears to be defective in most pieces

Innocheer Safety Darts and Kids Dart Board Set


If you have read various electronic dart board reviews and are looking for the best dart boards available in the market to enjoy with your family and kids, it is the Innocheer 16 inch rubber board that will satisfy your requirement. This one is safe for children and at the same time will provide you with the pleasure of unmatchable excitement that you can get from the game of darts. The soft darts are safe for children and will surely cause no damage to your furniture.

This one is easy to install as you will have the built-in metal bracket with which you can set the board on the table-top and at the same time there is the reinforced nail hole so that you can hang the board on the wall. The game of darts is known to the one of the most relaxing among the indoor sports and when you want something compact and easy-to-play game in the office, it is this Innocheer dart board that will help you to release stress. This particular pack comes with a 16 inch dart board and 9 soft tip safety darts. Looking for the perfect gift for your dear ones? Go for this dart board and you are sure to have the best dart board for the money.


  • 16 inch rubber dart board which is easy to install
  • 9 soft safety darts included in the package
  • Great to have in office for stress releasing


  • Not a classic dart board
  • Suited just for kids over 6 years of age and fun playing

Viper by GLD Products Viper Shot King Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard


GLD is a leading brand in dart board industry and this Shot King model of dart board is the best dart board you can get in the market. Being made of high quality sisal bristle fiber makes the dart board super strong and durable. The bristle fibers make room for the dart tip (when the dart hits the board) and they return to their original position as soon as you pull the dart off the board. The staple-free nature of the board prevents bounce-outs and finally helps the player to score higher.

The durability factor is also dependent on the feature of movable number ring and that feature is also available in this board. The movable number ring feature allows the badly injured areas of the board to heal while you keep on hitting the other less injured parts of the board. This one is 18 inch in diameter and 1.5 inches thick; that implies it is an international tournament size dart board made for pro players. This GLD board comes with 6 steel tip darts and another notable feature of this board is that it accommodates both steel tip and soft tip darts. This board comes with mounting hardware and this means you will have no difficulty in mounting the board to the place that suits you.


  • 18 inch professional level dart board made with sisal/bristle fiber
  • Ultra-thin galvanized rounded wires to prevent bounce-outs
  • Accommodates both steel tip and soft tip darts


  • Several bad spots on the board

Viper League Pro Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dart Board


Viper brings the League Pro model of dart board for the pro dart players. Made with super high quality sisal bristle fibers, this one is super durable. The fibers are strong and extremely elastic to allow the dart to slip through and then come back to original position after the dart is removed. The movable number ring allows the injured parts of the board to heal while a regular player hits other strong parts of the board. The movable number rings are smooth to handle and thus you can do the changes with ease.

The bullseye is free from staples and this ensures less bounce-outs. The spiders of the dart board are made with good quality rounded galvanized wires which allow the darts to slide off the spider and land exactly at the target area. The size of this dart board is just according to the international tournament regulations (18 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches depth) and this implies it is a perfect board for professional players to practice. Another important feature of this particular dart board is that it accommodates both steel tip and soft tip darts.


  • Super high quality sisal bristle fiber used to make the board
  • Easily movable number rings to ensure durability
  • International tournament standard size
  • Accommodates both steel tip and soft tip darts
  • Comes with a complete set of steel tip darts


  • Paint on the sisal bristle is not too good
  • The darts provided in the pack are not of high quality

Viper Hudson Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard & Cabinet Bundle


When you need to optimize your darting experience, this Viper Hudson dart board can be the best choice which is now available with the convenient and comprehensive bundle. This set comes with a premium quality dart board cabinet and a sisal bristle staple-free dart board. The cabinet includes a dry erase scoreboard, an out-chart board, a dry erase marker along with the mounting hardware. The cabinet is mahogany finished and black felt lined. Made with solid pine, the box joints and bronze hinges provide super durability to the whole thing.

Most importantly, there are two door stoppers provided with the set which prevents the doors from slamming over the board. Speaking about the dart board material, nothing can be better than high quality sisal bristle fiber which allows the darts to glide into the board smoothly and as soon as the darts are pulled out, the fibers return to the original position, making self-healing process complete. The movable number rings add further life span to the dart board. This board measure in accordance with international tournament size regulations and is thus fit for professional players. If you are looking for a great professional dart board, this can be the one for you.


  • Comprehensive bundle featuring dart board cabinet with mahogany finish and crafted with solid pine and the box joints and bronze hinges
  • Staple-free bullseye dart board made with self-healing sisal bristle fibers
  • Comes with one set of steel tip darts


  • Wiring is extremely bulky resulting in bounce-outs

Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard


Your search for the ultimate quality professional dart board can be satisfied with this Winmau Blade 5 dart board which is made with the dual core technology. This one comes from the world’s most advanced dart board manufacturer who is known for their superior technology and innovation in dart board making. This Blade 5 version has been endorsed by British Darts Organization and is thus truly international tournament sized board. The patented dual core technology ensures that there will be fewer lost darts while playing as the darts are sure to sink into the board.

The thinner wiring system makes room for 14% more scoring area as compared to the previous blade 4 version of the board. These features also ensure reduced bounce-outs and the dart deflection system has been further improved with the 30 degree reduction in the angle of the razor wire. It is the Triple Wheel-lock-and-level technology that enables you to hang the board to virtually any surface. The face of the board features high visibility playing surface along with perfect vision which finally results in higher scoring potential. Supreme quality sisal bristle fiber, 20% thinner sector wires and 14% reduction in web surface area are some of the features which add to the credibility of the Blade 5 board.


  • 14% thinner wiring system
  • Endorsed by British Darts Organization
  • Dual core technology ensures fewer lost darts
  • 30 degree reduction in razor wire angle ensures reduced bounce-outs
  • Triple Wheel Lock-and-level system helps mounting on any surface


  • Slightly overpriced

Things to remember before buying Best Dart Board

When you are looking for the best electronic dart board for the money, it is necessary to keep certain things in mind. If you are an experienced professional, it is obvious that you know the key factors to look for, but if you are just an amateur dart player, it is necessary to know the thing which makes the difference between an ordinary dart board and a good one. Here are some of the things you need to look for while buying a good dart board so that your money is not wasted and you get the desired pleasure of the game of darts.

Sisal/Bristle Dart boards

This is the primary factor to look for when you buy the dart board. Sisals are extremely durable materials made with high density fibers. Not only that the sisal fiber is highly dense, they possess the true self-healing quality. The technique behind this self-healing factor is that the fibers are so elastic that they allow the tip of the darts to glide through them (they actually make room for the dart tip) and when the darts are pulled out the fibers return to their original position making the self-healing process complete.

Density and depth of the board

Boards which are adequately dense and perfectly thick are the best ones. Now, what is the adequate density or the perfect depth? Answer is that one which will allow the dart to penetrate deep enough so that it will not bounce out. Holding a dart in position and preventing bounce-outs will ensure high scoring.

Removable number rings

When a regular player uses a dart board, it is obvious that the player will keep hitting at a specific place or number. This results in injuring the dart board at a particular place and finally making that particular part of the board weaker. With the facility of removable number rings, the hitting zone can be altered and thus allow that particular spot good time to recover. This feature ensures the life span of a dart board and thus it is important to check whether the board you choose have this feature or not.

Wiring Technology

It is important to check the wiring technology of the dart board before you purchase as it is the feature that determines the chances of bounce-outs. The wiring system separate the central section of the dart board from the fringes and it has to be in such a manner so that the bounce-outs are fewer. The upgraded dart boards come with thinner wires which ultimately result in increasing the scoring area in the boards.

Dart boards made with coiled paper

Coiled paper dart boards are to be avoided if you want a real good experience in the game of darts. When you throw a dart on a board made with coiled paper, the dart hole seldom heals. Actually these boards are made for kids who do not require a long lasting board or the one that will give them the pleasure of real darting tournament.

Bulls with bladed surface

Dart boards made with bladed bulls provide with higher surface area for scoring. Boards which come with outer bullseye and micro inner bull helps in improving the game and at the same time reduce the chances of bounce-outs.

Warranty and Price

The warranty provided by the manufacturer is extremely important to consider while you buy the dart board as this is the factor which will ensure the security for the money you have spent. Make sure to check the warranty related declarations thoroughly before you spend your money. Another factor is the price of the boards. If you are not a professional player, make sure not to go for very high level and high priced boards as they may be far away from your potential and ultimately you may end up wasting the money. Similarly, make sure not to buy too cheap ones (though the money amount may be less) as they will not serve slightest of your purpose.


After going through the list of all 10 dart boards, it can be said that all of the mentioned brands can put each-other a tough fight. It will depend on your specific requirement and liking to choose the ultimate one; but I am here to make your final choice a bit easy by short-listing top three.

Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard

The Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard is the professional bristle dartboard that comes with 14% thinner wiring to increase the scoring area. The 30 degree reduction on razor wire angle will help dart deflection.

Ignat Games Professional Dartboard Kit-Bristle/Sisal Tournament Dart Board

The Ignat Games Professional Dartboard Kit is one of the most durable dartboards that come with the potential of maximum scoring. It has 16% more scoring area as compared to other brands.

WIN.MAX Blade 18” Bristle Dartboard

This 18 inch dartboard is for truly professionals of international levels. The highest technology of staple-free blade wire system makes this board a tough one and it is the top class Kenyan sisal that contributes to the super durability of the board.

I hope that this comparative review will help you in finding the best dart board and make your dart game most enjoyable.

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