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Did you know that the Best bowling ball should be chosen with care to prevent injuries? Chances are high that you didn’t and that pretty much sums up why you are reading this. In addition to this, you must be told that these balls come in different colors and sizes that certainly have an effect on your game. It could be a house ball (the one belonging to the bowling alley) or your own, you must choose them carefully. We take the liberty to introduce you the finest bowling balls in this post. You should go through this buying guide if you really want to get a glimpse of your future bowling ball.

Top 10 Bowling Balls

  1. Brunswick Ultimate Nirvana Bowling Ball
  2. Brunswick Vintage Danger Zone Bowling Ball
  3. Storm Alpha Crux Bowling Ball
  4. Storm the Lock Bowling Ball
  5. Hammer Dark Legend Solid Bowling Ball
  6. Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball
  7. Brunswick Lizard Eye Glow Viz-A-Ball
  8. Hammer Black Widow Assassin Bowling Ball
  9. Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball
  10. Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball

Head to Head Comparison Among Top 3 Bowling Balls

Here are the top 3 bowling balls you may need to consider for your next games:

Brunswick Ultimate Nirvana
Finish: Matte
Weight: 12-16 lbs
Coverstock: Hybrid Reactive
Core Type: Asymmetric
RG Differential: 0.054
Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy
Brunswick Vintage Danger Zone
Finish: Polished
Weight: 12-16 lbs
Coverstock: Pearl Reactive
Core Type: Symmetric
RG Differential: 0.048
Recommended Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy
Storm Alpha Crux Bowling Ball
Finish: Matte
Weight: 12 lbs
Coverstock: Solid Reactive
Core Type: Asymmetric
RG Differential: 0.052
Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy
Best Bowling Ball

10 Best Bowling Balls

We have found the top bowling balls for you to get a fair idea about them. Read this fragment thoroughly.


Brunswick Ultimate Nirvana Bowling Ball

This indeed is a matchless ball that has changed the way people look at bowling. Moreover, it is available in a variety of colors that you can select from, click here (insert link) to take a peek. Blue pearl, white or red, choose the one that suits your mood and make that call. What more you get into the bargain is to pick from 12 pounds to 16 pounds! The Enhanced Composite Segmentation or ECS needs special mention here that makes the ball roll powerfully down a lane, without the need of too many adjustments. The core is made such that it optimizes the motion of the ball and also has room for multiple drilling. In a way, you can say that this ball offers you with pragmatic solutions and if you are wise enough to take it, you will not regret it quite certainly.

The only problem that we could find with this Brunswick is that happens to the best bowling ball brand, is that it works fine on oily surfaces but lacks the zing when it comes to dry surfaces. This is issue needs to be resolved by the manufacturer immediately.


  • Men and women both can get a piece for them
  • It has easy length
  • It is finished with Siaair Micro Pad (4000 grit) which makes it a great roller in oily surfaces
  • You can bowl continuously with this ball
  • You can get incessant backend action with this ball


  • Needs constant rubbing of the ball while playing in an oily lane
  • Can work only on oily surfaces

Brunswick Vintage Danger Zone Bowling Ball

Brunswick is a name to rely on and the Vintage Danger Zone is no exception to this. They have brought the legendary Danger Zone back, to celebrate 20 years of its glory. With that they have added a bit of technology that of its core which is made from Vintage Lightbulb Low RGand a PK 2016 coverstock.

Now, this coverstock is a modern version of PowrKoil 18 that combines the retro Danger Zone’s motion of saving the rotation of the axis. Its smooth motion of gliding down the lane, considering the conditions back in those days, has been blended with advanced technology. This makes this one the Best bowling balls of all time.

The only problem that we have noticed could make the difference is that it works fine only in medium to heavily oiled surfaces. That means, your bowling alley has to be oily in order for this to show its true colors.


  • Easily available in different sizes
  • Has a tough core that can rotate well
  • It has an angular breakpoint and this is very important to remember while playing
  • It is smooth and can actually move the way you want it to
  • Most importantly can be played by people of all skill levels


  • The bowling lane has to be oiled profoundly for you to play this ball
  • Does not exactly roll the way it did 20 years ago

Storm Alpha Crux Bowling Ball

This multi colored ball is here to surprise everyone for sure. It is a typical example of “don’t judge a book by its cover” and this means don’t let its prettiness fool you. This is a beast of a ball and you will know once you roll it. With a catalyst or asymmetrical core it can beat down the heaviest of oiled alleys.

Its wildberry cheesecake fragrance makes it stand out from the rest of its competitors. Moreover, Game Improvement 2016 or GI-16 coverstock really makes it worth your investment. It certainly gives good pin action that makes it a popular option. To be honest, this Storm piece is predictable but strong and can be played by players of all levels.

Apart from all this, one major problem that we have found with the Alpha Crux is that of not stopping when required. At times, it becomes really hard to stop it from rolling because of its solid core. This many a time, causes trouble to players that may want to it to halt at once.


  • It has a hitting power that cannot be beaten down
  • This ball has a smooth backend
  • It hooks at the breakpoint that very few balls can do
  • It is versatile to be used for house shots as well as sport shots
  • The ball carries a lot and it can hit the pocket every time you roll it


  • It has a solid build which is why it hooks too much

Storm the Lock Bowling Ball

Storm balls have always been leaders in the bowling world and this is no exception to this. The color of the ball has a mass appeal and its quality makes it all the more valuable. The products are blessed with slightly customizable pin option and the pin position can be 2-3, 3-4 and so on. It is characterized with lots of back end power.

Its design is slightly masculine. The design is overwhelmed with over-abundance of white that breaks this up and allows for most to enjoy this design. The ball can be had of in a variety of sizes ranging from 12 lbs. through to 16 lbs. with no missing weights in between.

This hybrid bowling ball is a GI-15 hybrid reactive cover stock. It allows reaping the benefits of many types of lanes without suffering. The ball is expected to act differently with varying bowling venue.


  • This product is available in a multitude of color options
  • They have different weight variations
  • It has luster appearance for more lane control against oil
  • Has an ingrained 3000 Grit Abralon finish


  • Not a polished appearance
  • Undrilled bowling face

Hammer Dark Legend Solid Bowling Ball

This Bowling ball is made stronger than ever making it one of the most dangerous Black Widows in times of memory. The inbuilt 500/2000 Abralon finish is seen to amplify the strength of the new Semtex coverstock. It thus allows the product to handle any amount of oil.

The Gas Mask Core is responsible for the strong ball motion throughout the lane and it is seen to be lasting forever. The new Semtex Solid cover leaves the competition when it seeks for help.

This product is made great and awe inspiring with their toughness and willingness to never give up or quit. The cover is free from Chemical Friction and Mechanical Friction. It is one of a kind of a ball and there are no doubts about it.


  • Blessed with Semtex coverstock
  • It is Supported with Legendary Gas Mask core
  • Known for Solid and durable design
  • Applicable for people of all skill levels
  • Suitable for most surfaces


  • The bowling ground must be oiled properly

Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball

The Black Widow Legend have two ingrained features of two firsts for a Widow release. The NBT hybrid coverstock is used to mark the first Widow to feature a hybrid coverstock. This ball has been made belligerent with the polished cover. It is then combined with popular Gas Mask core to provide awesome movement on the backend.

The backend carries the pins. With the addition of Flex-Resin and Carbon Fiber to the coverstock has been able to make it the first Gas Mask Core release that is using the technology of black window.


  • Featured with a Free drilling patterns
  • The cover is polished with grace
  • Gas Mask core works for a well-controlled backend
  • It has a Medium-heavy oil capacity
  • It is seen to suit most bowling styles


  • The bowling ground must be oiled properly

Brunswick Lizard Eye Glow Viz-A-Ball

The product is an accessory with host of benefits. It is featured with polyester coverstock. The performance so far has been observed is impressive. It rolls straight on oils without breaking late. The L-1 formula generates a smooth backend motion that hooks the ball well. Not to mention, this enhances its ability to hit the balls with greater stability.

Moreover, this formula is not sensitive to oily and dry lanes. In fact, it adds “easy length” to the ball that makes it worth it. It rolls in the desired path. Due to the reinforced design, the coverstock is also durable and has a smooth high-gloss polish. Most models do not meet this threshold. They are found in rough, delicate, or prone to chipping or cracking.

Maintenance is not a worrying factor. All that is needed is a spacious carrying bag for safe storage and transportation. This ball is also easy to clean. Featuring a smooth and well-polished surface, it may be dusted with a simple cloth or a microfiber cloth to remove any buildup that can scratch the ball further. This can also be wiped off with a damp cloth to remove gunk or polish it occasionally to maintain its shine. This product is cost-effective and available with manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Featured with High gloss finish
  • Blessed with Low maintenance design
  • Known for the Polyester coverstock
  • Modest differential is their ingrained efficiency


  • The light models are a little bouncy

Hammer Black Widow Assassin Bowling Ball

The Black Widow Assassin is a product that pairs up two of our most popular components, viz., the Widow core and the First Blood coverstock. This is sanded in a 1000 grit polished finish. This product is one of the most aggressive and continuous hooking balls in the market today. It is considered as one of the best Bowling Balls too.

It is revered with a NBT solid Coverstock and Asymmetrical and Top class bias glass mask that enthralls its elegance. Being with a high hooking potential, the best lane condition are suggested is Medium to Heavy oil.

This particular product shows good performance in terms of getting customer satisfaction and in return it gets plenty of 5 star feedbacks. Thus the performance of many players has been enhanced tremendously with increased score line when they started using the Black Widow Assassin.


  • The Gas Mask Core makes sure that it picks up pin action
  • It has a gripping power that you don’t want to miss
  • It can replicate shots very easily
  • It can move real smooth down the lane
  • The ball has a flip movement because of its ability to angle itself to the pocket


  • Heavy oil pattern is not always accepted
  • Reaction to heavy oiled lanes are often criticized

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

Brunswick Rhino is a devil of a ball and without doubts it can make a lot of difference to your bowling experience. Why so? This is because it has a coverstock of R-16 Reactive and Light Bulb core that can balance itself well. It is a power ball that can roll and hit the pins with a backend curve. This ball gives you an incredible control over it that happens to be an advantage.

Not only this, your average goes up each time you play with this monster. What makes it a must have is its ability to hook at the end and bring out an astonishing result for you every time you play this ball. You can personalize it drilling it according to your need and that gives you the edge over the others. Owning a ball is good, but customizing it accordingly is even better!

Digging deep into this ball made us realize that although it is all about power and control, yet it cannot hook that much. On an average its hook is 90 on a scale of 10 to 250. This kind of gives it away and you may not like if you want a ball that hooks well.


  • The Rhino is as sturdy as its name
  • Super cheap ball that does not burn a hole in your pocket
  • The breakpoint is 90 like a smooth arc (10 to 150 being the scale)
  • You can increase your average using this ball owing to its backend curve
  • This is a great starter ball but pros can work with it alike


  • The hook may not be that satisfying
  • Not made in the US and this could an issue for some

Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball

Pyramid technology is the result of years of research, observation, core, and coverstock analysis. Blessed with ever changing variables lane conditions, ball speed, rev rate etc., this technology allows any bowler, be stroker or two-handed, to achieve peak performance. This is applicable on medium to medium dry conditions.

Path Rising is the first product in the era of Performance bowling ball. A four color combination of the product is offered so that you can choose the right one. Starting with the core of the ball, Pyramid Bowling offers a versatile ball motion in a lower price point. It induces good ball motion on a wide variety of lane conditions.

The New Era 139 core is seen to offer a wide variety of drilling options. This is true for drilling the ball to go long and hook hard or drill the ball strong roll and a strong backend. You get a good blend of the coverstock made from Path Reactive Pearl with its New Era 139 core. There is nothing that a lover of the game would ask for!


  • The Symmetric core improves variety in drilling
  • This ball suits all bowling conditions
  • The Reactive pearl cover stock offers angular and delayed reaction
  • It is good for people with any level of skill


  • It is difficult to find for balls that have core under 10 pounds
  • Complaints about having no holes have arisen

How to choose the Best Bowling Ball?

Any game lover planning to get a new airsoft gun must consider some important factors before any purchase. Some Newbies who are always eager to experiment new things also need to exercise patience and carefully consider some factor before they invest in any airsoft handgun.


The first thing that any newbie asks about bowling balls is that what material of the coverstock (the material of the outer surface of the ball) should they put their trust into? There is an array of products to decide on and that gets overwhelming for a beginner. This is why we have sorted it out for you in simple words:

Plastic and polyester: This is ideal for the entry-level bowlers as these balls can roll in a straight line. To be honest, a beginner needs to practice this more often, which is why this composition is highly recommended for them. Additionally, it must be added that these are inexpensive and that pretty much sums what these balls are all about.

Hybrid: A few companies have come with hybrid compositions that provide you with more control over your bowling ball. Some of these companies use patented technology for manufacturing such balls. These balls can be rolled smoothly on any surface, pertaining to the oily and medium lanes that we come across at the alleys.


A personalized bowling ball means a better game and a ball that has been drilled as per your fingers, ensures stronger grip and reduces chances of impairment. The holes are known as pitch and these should be drilled according to the contour of your fingers. This certainly gives you an edge over the others as it adds to your flexibility. In short, make sure that these pitches fit into your hands properly for the absolute bowling experience.


Just lift a ball and see if you are comfortable or not. That will do for this! That is correct, you may go for 16 pounds or even the 15 pounds; it is your choice. You may add calculate 10% of your body weight and buy a ball. You can take a pound or two heavier than the house ball, but what we vouch is for investing in the one you are most comfortable with. However, you must keep one thing in mind that you should not buy anything heavier that you cannot move. This is a practical solution and there is nothing more to know in this respect.


This goes without saying that you need to be practical while taking a call on the bowling ball. You must have a budget and we highly recommend that you stick to it for good. If you are beginner you have different budget and a professional, one who is serious about this game will have a discrete budget. It all comes down to your requirements and position in the game.


While learning a game like bowling, patience is the key to your virtue. You need to be persistent to learn and implement your knowledge at the right time. Thinking out of the box will also help you in some cases too. All and all, we would ask you to go slow and get trained in bowling before you set out for a game. You will enjoy it the most once you know how to play it. So, be patient and learn the tricks of the trade in the best possible ways.


Of course, there is a hoard of companies, but weeding the rest out for the Best bowling ball is a good idea. Looking at the top brands, we must tell you that a Brunswick is a good option to settle on, for this. It is a well-known company that has developed technology to make things better for its patrons.

Brunswick Ultimate Nirvana Bowling Ball

This is your go to bowling ball, if you are serious enough, you will know what we mean. As said, be diligent, learn the game, choose the right ball and then go for it.

Brunswick Vintage Danger Zone Bowling Ball

If you are looking for an original ball that has versatility, then this should be it for you. Moreover, people with any skill level can play it with that makes it resourceful.

Storm Alpha Crux Bowling Ball

Want a strong hook with a strong coverstock? Then this is could be the real deal for you. It has a good pin action because of this and it could be winner for you.

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