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Best Baseball Cleats
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Want to smash that home run to row Z? Want to steal that base like a cheetah? Want to throw that fireball pitch? Well, it’s all in the sole.

We hope you can agree that out of all of the baseball accessories, the most important and vital one which can affect your on-pitch performance is your footwear. So you need to be very cautious while choosing best baseball cleats. The right pair of cleats can take your game from a novice level all the up to the pro standards. And the wrong pair… get ready for the abuse from abysmal performances, or worse, the hospital bed for all the wrong reasons.

We have assessed some of the top baseball cleats in the game and have come up with the following as the best choices you could go for your feet, to give you that extra advantage over the opposition in the diamond.

Top 10 Baseball Cleats

  1. New Balance Men's L4040v4 Metal Baseball Cleat
  2. New Balance Men's 3000v3 Baseball TPU Cleat
  3. New Balance Men's PL4040v4 Molded Baseball Cleat
  4. Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men's Pro Baseball Cleat
  5. Under Armour Men's Leadoff Mid RM
  6. Mizuno Men's 9 Spike Advanced Erupt 3 Softball Cleat
  7. Mizuno Men's 9 Spike ADV Erupt 3 Multi-Sport Mid-Cut Softball Cleat
  8. Mizuno Men's Vapor Elite 7 Low Baseball Cleat
  9. Mizuno Men's Heist IQ Baseball Shoe
  10. New Balance Men's L3000V2 Metal Low Baseball Cleats

Head to Head Comparison Among Top 03 Baseball Cleats

New Balance Men's L4040v4
Weight: Lightweight / 12.6 oz
Material: Synthetic
Spikes Material: Metal
Spikes Configuration: 8-spike
Ankle Type: Low-cut
New Balance Men's 3000v3
Weight: Lightweight / 12.3 oz
Material: Textile and Synthetic
Spikes Material: Rubber
Spikes Configuration: 14-spike
Ankle Type: Low-cut
New Balance Men's PL4040v4
Weight: Lightweight / 12.7 oz
Material: Synthetic
Spikes Material: Rubber Molded
Spikes Configuration: 14-spike
Ankle Type: Low-cut
Best Baseball Cleats

10 Best Baseball Cleats


New Balance Men's L4040v4 Metal Baseball Cleat

1.	New Balance Men's L4040v4

This is a tight-fitting shoe which means a great grip but if your foot is a bit wider or larger than average, you may need to consider a half size bigger. The design is low cut and a Thermoplastic polyurethane mesh upper to allow your feet to breath and keep dry. This technology is designed to repel dirt and grease and avoid wear and tear. Each cleat features 8 spikes. Your toes are protected and there is nice cushioning without losing any grip. In fact, the shoe is designed to give you great contact with the ground. The shoes are light-weight (12.6 oz). The shoe features a barrier that stops dirt from being thrown into the shoe. There is an extra layer of material to protect the shoe where it suffers most from contact with the dirt and other obstacles.

Available in a range of colors and shades. The white and camo is pretty cool. There is a compartment to tuck in your laces and prevent them being a trip hazard. It has a metal cleat and uses REVlite technology in the midsole.

A decent quality shoe for your money.


  • You have good foot to ground contact
  • Lightweight


  • If you have wide feet they may pinch

New Balance Men's 3000v3 Baseball TPU Cleat

New Balance Men's 3000v3 Baseball TPU Cleat

The great thing about this shoe is that you can choose a wider fitting, resulting in a comfortable fit tailored to the width of foot. They may feel a little tight on the toe initially, but this should wear off quickly. The shoe protects your feet very well and is a worthy investment as cheaper cleats can result in blisters or even slow developing heel and bone conditions – don’t risk it!

There is a toe protector built in too and the material allows for your feet to breath. The sole is rubber. They have good traction for dirt and grass alike. They are lightweight. There is great padding and you may even forget that you are wearing cleats and get scolded for entering the house with them on. There is a really cool description that has been given to them – “a running shoe on spikes” – and this pretty much seems to sum it up.

You need to make sure that you choose the width appropriate to your feet. Failure to do so may mean that your shoes feel a little tight or lose. The color options are a little more limited too, but, who cares if they feel great?


  • Great padding
  • Very comfortable
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • It can be hard to gauge which width you need

New Balance Men's PL4040v4 Molded Baseball Cleat

New Balance Mens PL4040v4 Molded Baseball Cleat

A refreshing design that looks new and updated. Light weight (12.7 oz), comfortable and with good support for your foot. It features a molded design on the underside which works well for traction and is lightweight. They come in a great range of shades and colors with a more flash and less traditional look. They come with the lace ‘cage’ to keep your laces out of sight and out of mind. Durable body and metal spikes. Toe protection. Good molding and padding. They also have the New Balance “Debris-free tongue” to keep the dirt outside and not irritating you on the inside as well as the extra wrapping to avoid abrasion in the high impact areas. And of course, it comes with the usual breathable fabric to keep your feet dry, cool and aired.

You might need to order a half size bigger if your feet are wide. But, all-in-all, it’s a good shoe for a good price.


  • Good quality and nice design
  • A good range of options to suit your comfort and how you want your shoe to look
  • Lightweight


  • Tricky to find the right size. Consider going up a little

Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men's Pro Baseball Cleat

Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men's Pro Baseball Cleat

These come in a wide range of colors and tones. They are comfortable and lightweight. Whilst the shoe appears to be a mix of molded and metal cleats, the manufacturer claims that they are all molded. Go figure! Anyway, you get 12 cleats. The tongue is designed to allow your feet to breath, so you stay cool in the heat and warm in the wet. The outside of the sole is rubber and give you great traction and contact.

You might be getting tired of hearing it, but these shoes tend to be a narrow fit, so go up on size if you have a wide foot.

Given intense use, these shoes may show signs of wear and tear. However, if these fit your budget, then you probably won’t be disappointed with what you get.


  • Great for what you get
  • Lightweight


  • You may find that these shoes are not as durable as more expensive shoes. But for value for money they come pretty high

Under Armour Men's Leadoff Mid RM

Under Armour Mens Leadoff Mid RM

Under Armour is the official footwear supplier for Major League Baseball and their products are the best rated baseball cleats, guaranteeing player comfort, without compromising performance. This Under Armour cleat is arguably the best all-purpose cleat in the game. It has a synthetic make with a rubber sole, giving it a durable interior. The cleats have a perforated upper nubuck design, for sufficient ventilation and breathability within the shoes. This allows players to wear these for long periods without discomfort. It also improves durability and makes the shoes more comfortable. The cleats are also ¾ covered with ArmourBound midsole cushions, which cushion the force of any impact. They act as shock absorbers, spreading away the force and protecting the feet from within.

The prime feature in the UA Leadoff RM is its rotatable cleats. The shoes have traction cleats capable of rotating in their sockets. This revolutionary baseball technology will give hitters more stability and momentum in their swings. It will also give pitchers the hold and stability for powerful throws. Finally, the rotating ability will give players explosive accelerations during running.

Without a doubt, one of the best baseball cleats in the game, it’s hard to find anything to criticize with the UA Leadoff RM cleats. One thing that can be noted is the lack of flexibility. The cleats do not allow much freedom of motion to the feet, and this can cause injuries and sprains if undue force is applied, as in during a fall. The rubber molded cleats also do not provide as strong a hold as metal counterparts.


  • Rotatable traction cleats for superior advantage in all facets
  • Perforated upper nubuck design for improved ventilation, breathability and comfort
  • ArmourBound midsole cushion acts as shock absorbers
  • Blistering acceleration during running
  • Best all-round cleat


  • Lack of flexibility may cause injuries
  • Hold not as strong as that of metal cleats
  • Rubber sole may cause irritation

Mizuno Men's 9 Spike Advanced Erupt 3 Softball Cleat

Mizuno Men's 9 Spike Advanced Erupt 3 Baseball Cleat

This shoe features the “Groundgrip aggressive stud” which facilitates good traction. It looks great to. It is also very flexible due to the ‘Proflex’ technology. Comfort is high up there too and you don’t just have to reserve it for one sport. If it feels comfortable and works for you, you can wear them on grass, dirt or clay. You might even end up playing golf with them or mowing the lawn. Overall, a nicer way to grip the ground.

As with many cleats, chose the size carefully. If you do, the shoes should fit like a glove and feel like a dream. Consider going a size up, or half size if your feet are wide or big. Most people – both male and female - seem to find their usual size in this shoe to be way too narrow and tight, but once they chose a size or two up, they find them extremely comfortable and versatile.


  • The design of the studs feels and looks great


  • Probably a bit narrower than other shoes, but you can adjust the size to suit

Mizuno Men's 9 Spike ADV Erupt 3 Multi-Sport Mid-Cut Softball Cleat

Mizuno Men's 9 Spike ADV Erupt 3 Multi-Sport Mid-Cut Baseball Cleat

This shoe features a higher ankle cut, which is great for those who like a bit more ankle support. The tongue is a nice fit and won’t chafe. Comfortable and lightweight. Good shock absorption. If you have heel pain, then these shoes will probably be ideal for you.

As always, consider going a half-size up or even a whole size. All shoes now seem to be narrower, so go up with the sizing, even if you have had a similar shoe in the past and it fitted OK. Here’s a small tip – wear them when you are not playing to get used to them and let them adjust to your feet.

The cleats are quite supple so if you prefer them to be more rigid and stiff, then this shoe may not be for you. That being said, however, it does give great traction, even on wet grass, and is definitely worth considering. It’s not a game stopper. In fact, once you’ve tried them, you may decide that they won’t be your only pair.


  • Good traction, even in the wet
  • Avoid the heel pain of firmer shoes and metal cleats
  • A great all-rounder shoe


  • The cleats are not the stiffest

Mizuno Men's Vapor Elite 7 Low Baseball Cleat

Mizuno Men's Vapor Elite 7 Low Baseball Cleat

A pair of shoes to last you more than a single season. Great cleats and good comfort. Nice style. Good value for your buck. Comfortable with no pain. There is a nice cushioning in the foot bed. The sole flexes and bends really well. The tongue won’t irritate you as with some other shoes. The shoe is breathable. Lightweight and amazing 11.5 ounces. Available in a whole range of colors.

It’s easy to pick fault with a sports shoe. As with any shoe, heavy and prolonged use will result in wear and tear, and damage is possible when the shoe comes under pressure. But for what you pay and for what you get, they do seem to deliver rather well. If value for money and a good, solid, comfortable shoe is what you are looking for, which protects your feet well, then you really can’t go wrong with this product.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable


  • The shoe may suffer if you give it a punishing

Mizuno Men's Heist IQ Baseball Shoe

Mizuno Men's Heist IQ Baseball Cleat

A nice-looking shoe with a whole host of colors available. They work especially well on damp grass and if your opponents don’t have studs like yours, then you will leave them behind. It’s definitely going to help you take off. There is a toe guard. They are lightweight, flexible and breathable, in fact, they are an amazing 11 oz. They are nicely designed and put together. You won’t be disappointed with the quality and comfort. The heel support is excellent. Again, another great manufacturer delivers a quality shoe for a good price. The design features a three-layer upper with no stitching or seams. There is a closure to locate the laces and keep them out of the way. The spikes are metal, giving you a fantastic grip. The shoes have good shock absorption due to the thick insole. The style is low cut.

Remember, once again, you may need to choose a size up to avoid the shoe feeling narrow or cramped. Choose a half size up or even a full size if you have especially wide or big feet.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Responsive
  • Great grip due to the metal cleats


  • Nothing mentionable

New Balance Men's L3000V2 Metal Low Baseball Cleat

New Balance Men's L3000V2 Metal Low Baseball Cleat

A great cleat! Quality and comfort combined. If you’ve experienced pain from wearing sports shoes/cleats before, then give these a try. They have adequate padding and great arch support. They have re-enforced toes. The shoe is lightweight. There’s a nice range of shades and colors that should suit everyone. The design means that mud doesn’t clod the underside of the shoe. An ideal balance of comfort, build quality and performance. The style is low cut, but not so much that it affects ankle support or looks. This is a popular shoe that will satisfy young and old alike, provide good traction and does a wonderful job of protecting your feet.

And the shoe being too tight or small doesn’t seem to apply with these shoes! However, still bear in mind that a half size up may be what you need for cleats.

There may be one design fault with the leather and the holes for the laces. This does tend to wear through, so go easy when tightening the laces. Apart from that, there is little to disappoint.


  • Great for avoiding pain
  • Nice build


  • The lace eye holes can rip

Ultimate Step-by-Step Best Baseball Cleats Buying Guide

There are a few simple things to consider when you are purchasing your pair of baseball cleats. No two players have the same requirements and playing style, so it is crucial to find a pair of best baseball cleats for you.

Adhering to League Regulations

Firstly, check the criteria of your league. Go through the rules and regulations for footwear for your league and then look up the specifications of the cleats you want to purchase, and ensure they comply. A pair of best baseball cleats which don’t comply with the regulations of a league will be of no use.

Getting the proper size and fit

The next thing you must ensure is you get an appropriately sized cleat. You can't get a cleat that is too tight or one that is too loose as you will mess up your game and may end up injuring yourself in the process. Check out cleat sizes and get one that is the perfect fit for you. Some of the best baseball cleats, like the New Balance L4040V3, now provide excellent individual fits for almost any size imaginable.

Choosing the right material for comfort and durability

The material of your cleat is also crucial. Go for lightweight materials if you expect to be on the move and need to be quick and agile. If you require to hold ground and be stable, choose the bulkier and heavier footwear options. The material also often determines how comfortable a pair of cleats are, with synthetic makes usually being the most wearable and comfy. Leather builds do in general last longer, as well as provide better protection to your feet from impact forces. Lightweight leather shoes, like the Adidas Adizero 5-Tool 2.0 are now available in the market and are great options if you are thinking of buying best baseball cleats.

Choosing a cleat according to the playing surface

It is certainly a pain to have your cleat start troubling you in the middle of a game, so pick cleats that have a comfortable interior. The best baseball cleats can be worn easily for long periods. Your best bet is to go for lightweight, yet durable options like the Mizuno Franchise 7 Mid. It is also important to choose a cleat keeping the playing surface in mind. If you are playing on a soft, muddy surface, then molded, rubber spikes are the wise choice as they will give you sufficient hold without digging your feet in. For a rougher surface, metal studs are suitable as they provide that extra traction. The New Balance MB4040 is one of the best metal baseball cleats with an 8-spike arrangement. It also is an excellent shock absorber and protects against abrasions which is a crucial feature for hard surfaces.

Choosing a cleat according to your playing position

Lastly, don't get a Fiat for the race tracks and a Ferrari for the countryside. Choose your cleats according to your position. There's no point getting a cleat that raises your running speed without much round hold if you are a pitcher. Fast sprint speeds and quick acceleration shoes are perfect for outfielders and base-stealers. As for pitchers, cleats like the New Balance MB3000 Mid are great as they provide solid traction and proper ankle support. Hitters and infielders would benefit with cleats that have good hold and stability, and can help generate power for lashing swings.


Prices are also an important factor in buying cleats. The brand, material, and studs all contribute to the price of a pair, and significant differences are not an uncommon thing. The best baseball cleats range from anywhere in-between $50 to $200 and between. While not so expensive cleats will suffice for the youth leagues and for rookies, at the highest level, you can’t get away if you cheap out on your cleats.

If you are still feeling tentative and confused, then the following video is a must watch for you. We hope that this will help you get rid of your confusion and buy best baseball cleats.


After researching and analyzing tons of cleats in our quest to find best baseball cleats, each of the contenders has their right to take away the title. Depending on the needs of the player a particular cleat can become your game-changer and spur you to victory, or it can architect your demise to a painful defeat. Instead of looking at all the options and then choosing a pair, focus on your requirements and then narrow it down from there.

New Balance Men's L4040v4 Metal Baseball Cleat

The New Balance Men's L4040v4 Metal Baseball Cleat has a great balance of technology, comfort and performance. It offers great value for money and a wide range of colors and tones.

New Balance Men's 3000v3 Baseball TPU Cleat

Again, by New Balance is the Men's 3000v3 Baseball TPU Cleat. Also, a cool design and maximum comfort. You won’t want to take these shoes off!

New Balance Men's PL4040v4 Molded Baseball Cleat

And worthy of note is the New Balance Men's PL4040v4 Molded Baseball Shoe (yes New Balance scores a hattrick). Once again, a superb range of style, comfort and design. The lace cage is neat and the dirt will stay on the outside.

If you want to have the best youth baseball bats then this buying guide is certainly going to help you out.

We would like to stop here. If you want to see your favorite baseball cleat on our list of best baseball cleats, then let us know through the comment section. And if you have any special checklists for buying best baseball cleats, you are encouraged to share your secret with us. We hope you do believe in "Sharing is caring."

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