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Everybody has their own opinion about the best ASA softballs. But what distinguishes the good from the outstanding when you want to buy ASA softballs? And how do you avoid the mediocre?

This article looks at buying ASA fast pitch and ASA 52 300 softballs that will last for more than just a season. It reviews performance and how the ball feels in your hand. There are some great new balls out there that have been constructed with the latest materials and scientific methods.

The game is changing. Are you ready? Ready to look for the top rated ASA softballs to buy? Read on….

Top 6 ASA Softballs

  1. Dudley ASA Thunder Heat Fast Pitch Soft Ball
  2. Wilson A9331ASA Series Softball
  3. Dudley ASA Thunder SY Fast Pitch Softball
  4. Evil ASA Slow Pitch Softball
  5. Dudley ASA Thunder Heat Slow Pitch Softball
  6. Dudley ASA Thunder Hycon Slow Pitch Softball

Head to Head Comparison Among Top 3 ASA Softballs

Here are the top 3 ASA Softballs you may need to consider for your next games:

Dudley ASA Thunder Heat Fast Pitch Soft Ball
Size: 12 inch
COR: .47
Compression: 375 lbs
Cover: Leather
Slow pitch/Fast pitch: Fast Pitch
Wilson A9331ASA Series Softball
Size: 11 inch
COR: .47
Compression: 375 lbs
Cover: Synthetic Leather
Slow pitch/Fast pitch: Fast Pitch
Evil ASA Slow Pitch Softball
Size: 12 inch
COR: .52
Compression: 300 lbs
Cover: Leather
Slow pitch/Fast pitch: Slow Pitch
Best ASA Softballs

03 Best ASA Fast Pitch Softballs


Dudley ASA Thunder Heat Fast Pitch Soft Ball

Dudley ASA Thunder Heat

This yellow ball with red stitching looks cool! It’s a very popular choice and a ball that has a long life. In fact, that’s 12 lives as you usually receive a dozen balls in the pack. They don’t wear and tear like other balls. And the ball cover is leather! Each ball has a professional feel and gives a good pop. They work great with ball pitching machines. They are good quality and with a great bat they give an awesome pop. The seam is good and thick and feels good when you are pitching. That’s worth emphasizing - the raised seam feels really great. Much more noticeable than other balls. This means that it is a sure hit with pitchers! It has a Polyurethane Center. Compression 375 pounds. COR: .47. From a brand leader. Great name, great feel, great quality. Feels like a true game ball.

What's wrong with it? Almost Nothing 


  • Value for money
  • Raised seam feels great
  • A great looking and performing ball

Wilson A9331ASA Series Softball

Wilson A9331ASA Series Softball

These balls are hard and durable. Great for pitchers. Look out hitters! They are made by Wilson who have been delivering great balls since the time of your granddaddy. The leather is synthetic but it wears just like leather. It’s a pretty good price for the twelve balls that you get. The color is called optic yellow, and, yes, it’s nice. If anything, they suit a younger player but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it if you are older. It works well for practice sessions. Polycore. 11-Inch

What's wrong with this ball? Very little. Perhaps that it favors younger players and practice sessions.


  • Durable
  • Great for practice

Dudley ASA Thunder SY Fast Pitch Softball

The red stitch gives this ball a great appearance. The cover is synthetic. They last a long time and are good value for money. They come from a well-known manufacturer. They are just the right hardness. Not soft. Not too hard. Again, the raised seam is nice and it’s a nice-looking ball. Pack of 12. Polycore Center. COR: .47 Compression: 375lb

What's wrong with this ball? Leather would be nice but you can’t really complain for the price


  • Looks good, feels good
  • Durable


  • Doesn’t quite have the edge that some leather balls have
  • A little slippy to the touch

03 Best ASA Slow Pitch Softballs


Evil ASA Slow Pitch Softball

Evil Ball

This ball will keep its cool when temperatures are rising. It’s a slow pitch ball. You gotta love their marketing slogan: “The sucker flies”. Be careful saying that! Interestingly, the ball also features the word ‘Trump’. This seems to be inspiring hitters to send that baseball on its way. And fly it does. It pitches well. It comes off the bat well. It flies! It’s a little pricey, but, the balls last well and you might even grant them another term in office. I mean season. They work well for a variety of players and hitting styles. It’s nice to have a leather cover and that’s why you pay a little more for this set of 12. You can also buy as a six pack. COR .52, compression 300 lb. 11”.

Evil claims the following: “Through months of intense testing Evil Sports has isolated the key frequency patterns that are present during the ball impact along the barrel of many of today's bats”. The Evil balls are HOT – they use Harmonic Optimization Technology and “they turned their factory resources to developing a polyurethane blend that would replicate the antagonistic frequencies causing an increase of energy load upon impact”. Sounds impressive!

Is it an evil ball? Saints and sinners alike should be happy with it. It’s hot! And likely to be very popular. Maybe even a game changer.

What's wrong with this ball? Given that it has the word Trump on it, you may find that you love it or hate it.


  • Good for hot weather
  • Nice grip
  • Good with a slow pitch
  • It’s leather

Dudley ASA Thunder Heat Slow Pitch Softball

Dudley ASA Thunder Heat Slow Pitch Leather Ball

The cover is leather and it feels good. They don’t feel slippy and they look the real deal. It’s a good price for 12 balls. The stitching is a nice color. COR .52, compression 300 lbs. Poly Center.

What's wrong with this ball? Despite the real leather cover, they do sometimes seem to show a little wear and tear. Perhaps that’s the downside of leather vs synthetic.


  • Leather cover feels good
  • They retain their shape well
  • Lively off the bat


  • They can wear, tear and scuff
  • Can be a little soft for some players

Dudley ASA Thunder Hycon Slow Pitch Softball

Dudley ASA Thunder Hycon Slow Pitch Synthetic Ball

It has a synthetic cover and so you may find them a little slippy at first. But once they are worn in you are not likely to have a problem with them. It us a good, durable ball at a reasonable price for a dozen balls. COR 0.52, Compression: 300 lbs. The compression is great in a variety of temperatures. The seams are not so pronounced. The balls perform well at temperature too.

What's wrong with this ball? Whilst in general these balls last and last, it seems that one or two may take a beating if your hitters are ruthless.


  • A good practice ball
  • Durable and stay in shape


  • They lack a bit of pop

Things to consider before buying Best ASA Softballs

Balls may all look alike but there are differences that you should understand so that you can choose the best ball for yourself. Some leagues have very strict rules about the ball and its specification. Here are some suggestions to find the best ASA 52 300 softballs:


Your league will determine the size in the league rules. In slow pitch it’s normally an 11” or 12” ball. This is the circumference of the ball, not the diameter. A ball can be as low as 10” – which may suit a child who is starting to play. As a person grows, they generally prefer a larger ball. Historically, baseball balls have been even larger. The ball size will affect the game and how far you can hit the ball.

Youth Softball
For youths the ball is usually 11 or 12 inches. A smaller ball can be used for beginners and some leagues will allow a 10” ball. For smaller hands this is great for them to grip.
Slow Pitch
Generally, a 12” ball is used. Essentially, the larger a ball, the slower it travels. Hence the slow pitch name. They also travel less distance.
Fast Pitch
Fastpitch balls are usually 11”. It’s smaller than slow pitch and travels faster.

Size matters. Choose a ball size that you feel comfortable with. Measure your favorite ball and check the size when you buy new ones. Of course, you will need to comply with your leagues rules when playing for real.

COR and Compression

The COR – often spelt core – is about how bouncy/elastic the ball is. A ball with a higher COR is more bouncy and will travel further, given a good hit. The science behind the COR rating is, of course, much more complicated.

Compression is about how dense/hard/firm the ball is. It is always shown as a 3-digit number. (The number actually shows how many pounds of force are needed to squeeze the two sides of the ball by a quarter inch). This will determine how far it will fly. Temperature will affect the compression value, so you may need to factor this in when buying a ball. Wet weather also affects the balls performance as the ball absorbs the moisture.

Let me make it a bit easier to understand: COR – think about bouncing the ball. Compression – think about squeezing the ball.

Ball Characteristics

One of the big questions is whether to buy leather or synthetic covered balls. Synthetic balls often have a long life but start off a somewhat slippy. On the other hand, if you love leather, then stick with it.

The ball itself is stitched. Many like to have a raised stitch so that they can both feel it and control it. This may not be ideal for automatic ball feeders or for those who prefer the aerodynamics of a smoother ball.

A good quality ball is made to last. Don’t skimp on price if you want it to last. Whilst a good brand should mean a good quality ball, you should inspect the construction of the ball to make sure that it lasts and feels good. There are new balls out there and they are worth a try.

Make sure you get a full dozen

For some reason, lots of people seem to complain that they get one ball sent when they are expecting a dozen. Be sure to check that you are buying a dozen balls. Generally, they come as a pack of 12. This should cost you approximately $50-75. Receiving only one ball for this price is extortionate and you should complain if you do. Unless it is signed by Michael Jordon or LeBron James.

Other Equipment

Don’t forget you will also need appropriate footwear and gloves and, perhaps most importantly a great bat. If it’s the best youth baseball bats that you are after then click here, and not forgetting best youth big barrel bats.


Softballs don’t last forever given the hammering they receive. If you are fortunate, they may last for more than a season. But as the season or seasons go on, they start to lose their mojo. So maybe it’s time to get your pocket book out and put some zing back into the game. Or maybe it’s time to put a smile on the face of someone you love. Or a whole team of faces.

There are some great options out there. And some real handsome, good-looking balls just aching for your touch. The latest technology means that this season has some impressive newcomers.

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