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Team Geeky Reviewers has four passionate sports enthusiast folks in its team. They follow most of the American major sports closely. Some of the team members are active player and rest of them were. They are kinda gadget freak. So they tend to purchase various sports gadgets for themselves and for their close ones also. Whether purchasing from physical store or from online shop like amazon or ebay, people tend to get confounded if they don’t have a proper knowledge about a product. A well demonstrated and in-depth analysis and step by step buying guide makes life hell lot easier. So you need to educate yourself about a product if you don’t want to discover yourself in a dumbfounded position by finding yourself submerged in a wide assortment of merchandise.

As Team Geeky Reviewers is adept at purchasing sports merchandises, they decided to educate other people of the sports community about “How to purchase the best merchandise”. And the output of their decision is the birth of this website. For the time being they are reviewing various baseball and softball merchandises of different brands. They will be reviewing merchandises of other sports as well with the flow of time.


“To educate people of sports community in buying sports merchandises from online platform with thorough and in-depth analysis and comprehensive buying guide prepared by our team of experts”.


“To be one of the best sports merchandise review websites across the world”.

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