2016 DeMarini Flipper USA: Hybrid Design And Beastly Power


DeMarini is a hallmark name when it comes to manufacturing great baseball bats, which never fail to perform at the plate. Their new release, the 2016 DeMarini Flipper USA follows suit. The DeMarini Flipper USA is a softpitch bat which has been crafted to give the absolute maximum performance. The bat features some of DeMarini’s most innovative and modern installations and its high-tech design further enhances the reputation of the bat. The bat has a large sweet spot and does what all bats want to do – smash the ball out of the park.

2016 DeMarini Flipper USA

The DeMarini Flipper USA 2016 is a bat made for soft-pitch. The bat is approved for play in the ASA.

The 2016 DeMarini Flipper USA comes with a 12” barrel made of DeMarini’s latest Divergence Technology. The barrel is constructed of Divergence composite and has a double-walled structure with two composite layers sandwiching an air gap. This gives the bat room to flex in and creates extra impact elasticity which transfers forward momentum into the ball. The bat is thus extremely powerful and responsive. The strength of the sweet spot is also amplified.

The DeMarini Flipper USA 2016 has a radical 2-piece construction, with a composite barrel but an alloy handle. The bat has a ZnX alloy handle to complement its hybrid design. The ZnX alloy is stiff and reduces the flex in the barrel. This gives the players a stiff hold with minimal budging. Thus, the performance of the barrel is boosted. This also increases the bat’s durability.

Another innovative feature on the 2016 DeMarini Flipper USA is the Dish End-cap attached to the tip of the bat’s barrel. This end-cap has a concave design and improves the efficiency of the bat. The End-cap absorbs wasted energy from the swing and transmits it back towards the sweet spot of the barrel. This ensures a clean and powerful hit. The cap also makes the bat end-loaded for maximum strength.

The DeMarini Flipper USA 2016 also comes with the state of the art RCK Knob. This knob attaches to the handle end of the bat. The knob adjusts its shape to complement the bottom hand grip of the player perfectly. This gives players an ergonomic and comfortable grip, with the confidence to unleash swings with full force. The DeMarini Voodoo Raw is another two-piece hybrid DeMarini bat which features the RCK Knob.

The RCK Knob on the DeMarini Flipper USA 2016 is further accentuated by the amazing grip of the bat. The Flipper has a whopping 0.6 mm grip only attached to its handle. This ultra-thin grip makes it very easy and comfortable to hold the bat. The bat can be swung without much pressure on the palms or wrists.

Feature Benefits of 2016 DeMarini Flipper USA

  • Double-walled Divergence Composite barrel amplifies sweet spot strength
  • ZnX alloy gives players a stiff hold and makes bat more durable
  • Dish End-cap redirects energy towards sweet spot for powerful hitting
  • RCK knob complements players grip and allows forceful swings
  • Ultra-thin 0.6mm grip makes bat easy to hold for long durations

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Bat can generate immense force and momentum
  • Bat is end-loaded and great for power-hitters
  • Bat has stiff handle and is durable
  • RCK Knob makes for a comfortable grip
  • Bat has large and amplified sweet spot and is energy efficient
  • Large forward momentum makes ball rocket off upon impact

Insider Tips

The DeMarini Flipper USA 2016 is a two-piece hybrid bat, and it is weak at the barrel-handle joint. To prevent damage here, players can put on a long bat sleeve which covers all the way up to the joint or performs thermo-fusion treatment for the bat.


1. Does the bat come with a warranty?

A. Yes. The bat comes with a one-year warranty

2. Is the bat composite or alloy?

A. The bat is a hybrid bat with a composite barrel and an alloy handle

3. Is the bat end-loaded or balanced?

A. The bat is an end-loaded bat

4. Is the bat suitable for soft-pitch?

A. Yes. The bat is a soft-pitch bat. It only has ASA certification

Final Verdict

The 2016 DeMarini Flipper USA is an extremely good soft-pitch bat capable of generating unbelievable power and momentum. Its innovative and high-tech double-walled design with Divergence Composite Technology makes it stand out from the rest of the competition. Besides the low swing speed and poor vibration control of the bat, it is a fantastic choice for power-hitters in the soft-pitch game.

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